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He looked bad, and smelled awful. He’d been locked up all night. And it was now 3:00 in the afternoon. He had that locked up smell, the kind that sticks on your tongue if you open your mouth. His eye were blood shot but I didn’t see him. The clerk called the case and I stood next to him. I heard as the judge talked about his many arrest and he wasn’t going to give him another chance. I just listened.

“How old are you sir?” The judge asked.

“64” Mr. C answered. The judge went …on and on about how awful it was that he was going in and out of jail. He had one week to get into treatment or the judge would put him in jail. He was released.
He had on sneaker. No socks. The shoes were obviously too big, because his feet slipped out when they were trying to take the shackles from around his feet. They were blistered and raw. His hands shook as he tried to sign the return slip. The judge was in the middle of the next case and he was still signing. When I looked over his shoulder I saw he had only gotten through his first name. . . Robert.

Maybe it was his age. Perhaps it was his name, or his salt and pepper hair. All of it reminded me of my dad. I thought to myself, he must not have any children. We would not have let this happen to our father. And finally after all that time, I saw him. His eyes were sad. He was tired.

I told him to stop signing and to lets just go. The woman from the treatmen center was there. She made an appointment with him for tomorrow. She scolded him some more. He needed residential treatment. At least 45 days. Mr. C was beaten. I wasn’t even sure he was listening. He didn’t see her any more than I had seen him only moments earlier. “You have to be in my office at 11:00 tomorrow, or I will tell the judge and you will go to jail.” She walked back into the courtroom.

“You don’t have any where to stay do you?” I asked.

He shook his head no.

“I think if you leave today, you’re not going to come back tomorrow.” He didn’t respond.

“You can go to the program right now,” I said. “You don’t have to wait until tomorrow.”
He didn’t say anything. “Why don’t you think about that?” It was clear he didn’t like that idea.

“Right . . . . . . . . now?”
“Yes, right now. You don’t have anywhere else to go.” silence.

“Mr. C. do you have any children?”
“yes . . . a . . . daughter. . . . in . . . . Kentucky”.

“When’s the last time you spoke to her?”
He wasn’t sure.

“When’s the last time somebody touched you, other than to put handcuff on you?”
He shrugged his shoulder.

“When’s the last time you were hugged?”

“Ma’m,” he said, “I smell really bad.”

“That’s okay” I answered, “it washes off.” I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him.

He let his arms down and started crying. I rubbed his back. In that moment, I didn’t smell a thing.

He put his head down, and then up “I’ll go today.”



July 2014

Mr. CM was charged with 2nd degree assualt with significant bodily injury. He was facing 10 yrs imprisonment.  Trial resulted in ACQUITTAL of all charges and he is now home with his family.

April 2014

Ms. DW was charged with assault with significant bodily injury.  Trial resulted in NOT GUILTY.  Ms. DW is at home with her family.

April 2014

Ms. MD was involved in a housing contract dispute that could result in Ms. MD paying out thousands of dollars.  Ms. Weatherspoon successfully convinced the judge that Ms. MD should not be required to remit this disputed amount and the judge dismissed the case.

April 2014

Mr. DK was involved in a contested sole custody dispute of his son.  Mr. DK wanted equal parenting of his son. Ms. Weatherspoon successfully negotiated an agreement between the parties that resulted in Mr. DK sharing custody of his son.

November 2013

Mr. DB was charged with assault on a police officer.  He received a NOLLE PROSEQUI after successful completion of community service hours.  Mr. DB is home with his family.

October  2013

Ms. TR was charged with maintaining a drug house, distribution of narcotics, and related charges.  She was indicted on 6 counts.  Ms. TR was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.  Ms. TR is at home with her family.

July  2013

Mr. DK was served with a Temporary Protective Order alleging child abuse of his son.  Ms Weatherspoon proved through expert witnesses that the child had not been abused. The judge found no evidence to support the claim and dismissed the case. Mr. DK is united with his son.

January  2013

Ms. IP was charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice, a federal offense with a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 minimum fine.  Ms. IP served no jail time and was sentenced to 3 years probation.

December  2012

Mr. MB was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and related gun charges in D.C.  He was facing a mandatory 15 years and up to at least 50 years.  Mr. MB was found NOT GUILTY on all felony charges.

September 2012

Mr. EM was charged with first degree sexual abuse and other related charged in Prince George’s County.  He was facing a minimum of 30 years in jail.  Mr. EM was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

September, 2011

Mr. JB was charged with Second Degree Assault, in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The complainant was his wife, who claimed Mr. JB beat her in the face and scratched her.  The State had photos of her injuries.  When we were done, the jury believed that Mrs. JB created those injuries herself.  Mr. JB was ound NOT GUILTY and is at home with his children.

July, 2011

In the District of Columbia, Mr. JW was attempting to visit with his son, when the mother called police and claimed JW had beat her and her mother. Mr. JW was charged with four misdemeanor, facing four years in jail. JW was found NOT GUILTY.

June 2011

In the District of Columbia, Mr. MC was charged with assault, after his girlfriend found him in a compromising position in his home. Mr. MC was facing 6 months in jail.  Mr. MC is home, with a clean record, and kept his government clearance. NOT GUILTY.

January 2011

Mr. EW was charged with child sex abuse and other related charges. He was indicted on 13 counts. Mr. EW was facing over 100 years in jail. Mr. EW was found NOT GUILTY on most of the counts. The jury hung on the final count, and the State decided to dismiss the case.

October 2010

Mr. DJP was charged with armed robbery, in Prince George’s County. He was indicted on 10 counts. Mr. DJP was facing over 100 years in jail. Mr. DJP was found NOT GUILTY of all charges. Mr. DJP is at home with his family.




  1. Robinson– I want to say thanks Gladys Weatherspoon Law Office and give recognition to Gladys Weatherspoon for theOUTSTANDING job she and her office did for me on my criminal case. Whenever I had a question or was a bother/worried about my case all I had to do was call or e-mail and they would always put me at ease. And believe me there were quite a few of those. So once againTHANK YOU so much for your representation in my case. Having me acquitted of all charge. If anyone is looking for a great attorney Gladys Weatherspoon Law Office is where to go.

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