Don't Gamble With Your Freedom

Don't Gamble With Your Freedom

Retain a criminal defense attorney in Largo, MD

If you're convicted of a crime in Largo, MD, you could face hefty fines and significant jail time. You could also lose the right to work certain jobs or live in certain types of housing. Don't lose your freedom-hire a criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Gladys M. Weatherspoon, LLC.

Criminal law is complicated, but attorney Weatherspoon will work hard to make sure you understand your options and the legal process. Call 301-445-3300 now to schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney.

No case is too complex for attorney Weatherspoon

Attorney Weatherspoon is well-versed in several aspects of criminal law in Largo, MD. If you've been charged with...

  • Money laundering
  • Sexual assault
  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Assault and battery
  • Drug possession
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

... you can count on her to build you a solid criminal defense. Contact her now to discuss your case.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

Keep Your Driving Record Clean


Everyone makes mistakes when driving sometimes. Maybe you ran a red light when rushing to work, or maybe you didn't stop fully at a stop sign. Turn to the Law Office of Gladys M. Weatherspoon, LLC for help. Attorney Weatherspoon is an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Largo, MD. She will work hard to protect your driving record.

Don't just plead guilty to a traffic ticket. Make an appointment with a traffic ticket attorney today.